Your next space adventure starts here – north of the Arctic Circle

March 25 2012 Karin Nilsdotter

Time for TEDxKiruna on March 27


On March 27th, TEDx comes to above the Arctic Circle, bringing an inspiring day full of energy and ideas worth spreading. TEDxKiruna is a cross-disciplinary event for people and minds to meet, listen to fascinating speakers inspiring new thoughts and stimulating discussions on the TEDxKiruna theme: future living.

Speakers at TEDxKiruna include motivational people from different disciplines who will share their extraordinary backgrounds and view on the future, as we know it! 

You can follow TEDxKiruna live on the internet via

Future gazing, what do we envision society being like. What will we eat? How will we travel? What is our next adventure? How is art created and what inspires it? What innovations lay ahead? Are we more in tune with our environment? What about education and engaging young people? And society as a whole– how can a new industry and evolution impact on you and me?

Michael Lopez-Alegria – Lopez-Alegria is a former NASA astronaut, International Space Station commander and test pilot. A four-time astronaut he holds three NASA records incl longest spaceflight; 215 days! Michael will share his extraordinary story and gaze into the future of spaceflight as the new President of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation.

Tone Bekkestad – is a sought after lecturer in the topics climate change and solutions. She is also the founder and CEO of Green Solutions AS. Green Solutions AS is committed to working for a sustainable society through communication and technological solutions, and prove that environmentally friendly solutions can also be profitable. Green Solutions motto is “Go green by black numbers”.

Pat Hynes – serves as the Director of the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium. In 2009 Pat founded the Student Launch Program with the mission to provide annual access to space for research experiments.

Renata Chlumska – an adventurer and future astronaut. On the 5:th of May 1999 she became the first Swedish and Czech woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest and in 2006, the first person ever to circumnavigate the US, ex Alaska and Hawaii, by her own strength; kayaking and bicycling.

Stuart Witt – is a pilot and change agent showing how a community and business can be transformed by giving people permission. Since 2001, Mr. Witt has led Mojave airport, designated the nation’s first inland spaceport in 2004, today a silicon-valley for new technologies and a transformed community.

Sara J:son Lindmark – how can we attract and leverage on the capabilities of young people within the creative industries. Living in an area where our biggest export are young talented students, space provides a unique opportunity and attraction for young as it invites to visionary work and innovation.

Michael Najjar – is an artist currently working on a new series entitled “outer space“, which is dedicated to the latest developments in space technologies; after all, he will be the first artist in space.

Johan Lans – is a head chef with a passion for using seasonal local ingredients to explore and create new innovative food concepts. Capitalizing on the natural space phenomena of the aurora borealis, Johan has created a full menu focusing on the northern lights; will it sparkle in your mouth?