Your next space adventure starts here – north of the Arctic Circle

Services & infrastructure

Arena Arctica

Kiruna was founded as a mining town, and quickly evolved into a well-organized and complete city thanks to the founders’ meticulous planning and desire to give the residents the best there is to offer. The result is a city where anything you need is easily available, despite that the location is very far away from just about everything.

Arena Arctica 
Easily accessible, only nine kilometres from central Kiruna, this large hangar at Kiruna airport offers storage and testing space for all forms of aircraft. The 5,000 square meters of hangar area can accommodate an aircraft up to the size of a Boeing 747. Airbus Industries, Boeing, Eurocopter and NASA are just a few examples of customers returning to Kiruna. Kiruna can offer free airspace with a minimal amount of commercial airline traffic over an area equivalent to about an eighth of Sweden’s total land area.

Esrange Space Center
The long and successful history of Esrange Space Center has allowed SSC to build up a comprehensive infrastructure to support aerospace operations; rocket launchers, a very large balloon pad, a ground based instrumentation site, aerospace vehicle testing equipment and service systems as well as a hotel, canteen facilities and fully equipped laboratories and offices for customers.

About 10 km from the airport, ICEHOTEL appears like an ice dome in the winter landscape, offering its guests comfortable accommodation and uncompromised service. Just spending the night in a palace of ice and snow is an adventure in itself. The modern Scandinavian style hotel cabins are cozy, offering everything you need right outside your cabin door. Your time spent here can be an adventure, a time for complete relaxation, or a combination of both.

offers a wide range of accommodation, such as hotels, cabins, ski lodges, Sweden’s highest situated Mountain Lodge, apartment hotels and youth hostels at the two major resorts in Swedish Lapland; Björkliden and Riksgränsen.
The Restaurants, Bars, night clubs and cafés will give the visitor an unforgettable food experience or the most memorable After Ski (After Space!) there is. Riksgränsens SPA is a haven for your body after a day on the mountain.
Björkliden and Riksgränsen together have more than 100 years of experience and offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all ages. Björkliden Resort is 110 km and Riksgränsen 130 km west of Kiruna C. By car a 1,5 hrs drive.
Travel by train from Stockholm to both Björkliden and Riksgränsen. The train stops in the middle of the villages with easy access. 
Fly from Stockholm with SAS to Kiruna and travel by bus/train to Björkliden or Riksgränsen.