Spaceport Sweden works together with selected partners to offer our customers unique world-class space adventures and learning experiences available on Earth, in the air and in time – space. Your journey starts here and we look forward to welcoming you to Spaceport Sweden – your next adventure.

Northern lights flight 

Come join us for a unique space adventure and learn more about the amazing Aurora Borealis.
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Parabolic flight

This is your opportunity to experience the magical feeling to float in total weightlessness. 

Flight dates  2014/2015:
Last flight was March 26th, 2014. Please stay connected for new dates. 

To get on the waiting list for your very own air Zero G ticket – e mail
[email protected]

For chartered flight for your company and/or PR event – contact us for more information
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Spaceflight preparation program

Spaceport Sweden has partnered with QinetiQ to deliver a world-class spaceflight preparation program, where future space travelers will emerge ready to maximise their journey to space.

Optional programs available very soon.

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Let one of the primary figures within Spaceport Sweden share the pioneering venture of establishing a spaceport and the development of a new industry. We are pleased to travel to you to share our passion and unique journey! Book a talk and/or lecture at your conference, congress or seminar.

1-2 hours, offer on request: [email protected]

Technical Visit

An in-depth visit on location of the future spaceport with lectures and presentation of experts and committed staff. The technical visit can be tailored to be a perfect fit in your program as a group, company, university or other.

2-4 hours, offer on request: [email protected]

Meetings and Incentives

Spaceport Sweden partner up with the best in Swedish Lapland and our partners have decades of experience of incentive above the best. The destination host facilities and activities from 1 – 1500 people  – contact us for your next adventure.

All year round, offer on request: [email protected]

Events and Locations

Spaceport Sweden´s partners and the destination of Kiruna has decades of experience in hosting the most grandiose events in unique and stunning locations, creating an event of a lifetime.

All year round, offer on request: [email protected]

Spaceflight ticket

Soon you will have the monumental opportunity to book a Spaceflight Ticket and see Earth from space with your own eyes – and Spaceport Sweden can help you make that happen through our partners.

Your next and ultimate adventure is almost here – register your interest: [email protected]