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Satellite Systems


SSC is at present carrying out a large number of satellite projects and studies:

The main satellite projekt currently under development at SSC is the PRISMA Rendezvous and Formation Flying Demonstration mission, scheduled for launch in 2010. The customer for the PRISMA mission is the Swedish National Space Board (SNSB) and the partners are CNES, DLR and DTU. SSC is responsible for the complete system development.

Small GEO
SSC is also involved as a Core Team partner in the Small GEO Telecom satellite programme together with the Prime Contractor OHB, Oerlikon Space and LuxSpace.

The successful Odin satellite for astronomy/aeronomy is now on its seventh year of in-orbit operations. SSC is responsible for the mission and is handling the daily operations.

Based on the Odin radiometer development, SSC is currently developing the STEAMR microwave instrument. STEAMR is developed for use on future climate research satellites such as the ESA PREMIER mission.

SSC also participates in a number of satellite developments in cooperation with industrial partners:

SSC is part of an industrial team in developing the PROBA-3 satellite system. PROBA-3 is the ESA formation flying demonstration mission preparing for future formation flying missions, such as Xeus and Darwin.


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