Mr Honeth, State Secretary to Swedish Minister for Education & Research

During the 18-19th of March 2013 the Swedish Space Summit takes place in Trollhättan, Sweden. Mr Peter Honeth, State Secretary to Jan Björklund, Minister of Education and Research has just inaugurated the summit. The focus of the conference is the importance of space as a platform for innvation, research, knowledge and technology transfer and cross-industry opportunties and innovation. 

Sweden has extensive experience and heritage within the space industry and Kiruna, home of Spaceport Sweden is one of the world’s premier space cities. Since 1957, the Swedish Institute of Space Physics has conducted extensive research here, and Esrange Space Center, a rocket range and research facility built by the European Space Agency and managed by the SSC Group, has been active in the area since 1966. 

Spaceport Sweden is at the summit and will be on stage during Tuesday March 19th talking about developing a new industry and the opportunties for Sweden as a nation. Also present at the summit are reprsentatives from both academia and reserach, business development and business incubation from; Luleå University of Technology, Centek, Progressum and Arctic Business Incubator.