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SSC-Esrange Space Center

The SSC  is a comprehensive space company covering the entire field, from the definition of innovative business concepts and space projects to the development, testing and operation of the systems.

SSC ownes and runs the Esrange Space Center located 45 km East of the town of Kiruna. From this facility SSC launches sounding rockets and high-altitude balloons for research in the areas of microgravity, astrophysics, astronomy and atmospheric studies. SSC has been offering suborbital launches to the scientific community for more than 40 years.

At Esrange Space Center the world’s busiest civilian satellite ground stations is located, the Esrange Satellite Station. This station communicates with around 35 different satellites in various orbits and it is part of a global network with ground stations around the world called PriroaNet. This network is owned and operated by SSC.

SSC’s facility Stockholm Teleport in Ågesta provides satellite communication services, and the wholly-owned German company LSE is specialized in satellite control and ground station services. The wholly-owned US based company USN and Chile based company SSC Chile are specialized in satellite communication and important actors within PrioraNet.

Together with the Swedish National Defence Material Administration (FMV), SSC operates the Vidsel Test Range and markets test services for air and space vehicles through the Northern European Aerospace Test range (NEAT).

In addition SSC designs, develops and tests various types of space systems – sounding rockets, space subsystems and experiment equipment for research in microgravity. Thirty years’ experience of designing comprehensive space missions and delivering them in orbit, in close cooperation with the users, makes SSC unique as a prime contractor in space technology. Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries ECAPS and NanoSpace, SSC is engaged in the development of environmentally friendly propulsion systems and micromechanical systems for space applications.

And finally SSC also designs, develops and installs maritime surveillance systems, which are used by coast guard authorities around the world.

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