Johan Johansson, MP for Norrbotten, Karin Nilsdotter, CEO Spaceport Sweden, Betty Malmberg, Chair of the Parliamentary Space Network

On October 24, Spaceport Sweden together the Parliamentary Space Network were invited to the Swedish Parliament to discuss commercial human spaceflight. MPs from the whole of Sweden got an opportunity to listen to and discuss how space tourism is being developed and how Sweden can continue to be at the forefront of this industry by putting in place a supportive regulatory regime and capitalising on the opportunties for innovation and cross-industry cooperation. 

Spaceport Sweden has been working proactively and strategically to establish space tourism as an important part of both business and academia in northern Sweden with international reach, says Karin Nilsdotter, CEO of Spaceport Sweden. It is vital that the industry and its development recieves national support from the Swedish Parliament as it’s an unique opportunity for the whole of Sweden. It will strenghten our competitiveness and attract visitors, talent, investments and contribute to sustainable growth and job creation. There is also great scope for cross-industry innovation, continues Nilsdotter.

Us politicians are accustomed to discuss space issues primarily from a research perspective. Hence its excellent to also learn and focuses on the large commercial potential in this area says Johan Johansson (M) MP from Norrbotten. There is also an opportunity for great synergy in the intersection between space research and space tourism, and here it is important that we as legislators are doing what we can to bring about operational guidelines of the State.

Sweden is one of the few countries outside the U.S. who can seriously be involved in developing space tourism as a concept. By capitilsing on our heritage and skills in combination with our regulartory and geographical conditions, we can strive towards our vision to become a world leading spaceport and Europe’s gatway to space, finishes Karin Nilsdotter.