Spaceport Sweden @ Swedish Space Summit

The space industry is an industry of firsts as is Spacecport Sweden as Europe’s first pioneering initiative to establish commercial human spaceflight in Sweden and Europe’s first and foremost spaceport in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland. 

Establishing a new industry is challenging but the opportunites are enormous as we seek to create a system of innovation. Being a catalyst for change and innovation, the aim is to see new products, services, experiences, education, research and companies being developed, in turn contributing to growth, job creation and strenghtened national competitiveness. 

On stage at the Swedish Space Summit, we discussed the key success factors and focus to achieve a new industry where cross industry collaboration and not least regulatory reform is vital to enable a new innovative industry to flourish. 

Offering learning space adventures and preparation programes as weightless flights and G-force training are essential parts of Spaceport Sweden’s strategy to become a center of excellence and offering to future astronauts but also for the interested who wish to learn more about our fascinating industry.