Karin Nilsdotter and Bob Allen

Spaceport Sweden and Bob Allen, founder and chief storyteller for IDEAS Orlando, met today with partners and stakeholders in Kiruna City Hall to present the summaries of three months intense work with the feasibility and concept study for a Space Visitor & Science Center. The study includes market analysis, concept design, core story and facilities plans for the development of the center. 

The feasibility and concept study to further develop the Space Visitor & Science Center as a world-class attraction is one of the major objectives in the Kiruna Sustainable destination project. The Swedish Government did last year identified Kiruna as one of five destination in Sweden with the potential to further develop a sustainable and internationally competitive destinations. The selection of Kiruna is much due to its rich space heritage and its pioneering efforts to establish space tourism and manned spaceflight as an emerging industry.

In Kiruna City Hall the report of the feasibility and concept study where presented for partners and stakeholders. Bob presented it together with online represents from the collaborating consultants of the study. The presentation included the core story, which is based on the StoryJam™, where 40 representatives from local to international stakeholders participated in a full day creative workshop cin August. Also presented where potential analyses for the destination, bases on the center establishment and a first drafts of the architecture and design of the center.

In the concept study the team have captured Kiruna’s synergies between space, mining, aviation and tourism and the center purpose is to offer adventures, education, research and cross-industry collaboration. Bob and the team sum up the presentation by call for action to instantly go further with the process, due to Kiruna´s currently unique opportunity.