Your next space adventure starts here – north of the Arctic Circle

CIIR and Spaceport Sweden invites to entrepreneurial meetings for the development of products and services with space as a platform.
On November 10, Spaceport Sweden and CIIR at Luleå University invites students, researchers, scientists and representatives from public and commercial sectors for booting an entrepreneurial innovation around Spaceport Sweden in order to develop new services and experiences.
A new industry is emerging in which space and Tourism is the backbone and the industry sees an increasing number of private space operators and contractors to develop new spacecraft, for tourism, but also for research and education.
A second space age is under development with a renewed interest in space created by ten thousands of future new space travelers.
The goal of the initiative is to create new services and experiences by combining entertainment, excitement and education and create a link that will strengthen regional and national growth and encourage entrepreneurship among academics and students, connect business & commercial with academia – all with an international scope.
The national excellence centre CiiR was established in 2011 with support from VINNOVA, regional authorities and the universities in Luleå and Umeå. CiiR operates in close collaboration with international expertise and policy-makers on different levels to develop new knowledge on innovation system development with a specific focus on non-metropolitan areas and the possibilities emerging from ICT and digital innovation. The centre is based on collaboration between eight research subjects and R&D centres located to the two northernmost universities in Sweden, but operates with partners from all over the world to develop new knowledge.