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Progressumstrives to be seen as a vital operator promoting the further development of the businesses within the municipality of Kiruna. Progressum works closely with the city of Kiruna and already existing companies, aiming to enrich the business climate. Spaceport Sweden is a good example of different business worlds meeting, giving rise to new ideas.

The work done by Progressum has lead to that Kiruna:
¤ has a versatile economy based on Kiruna’s many advantages
¤ extensive and well-run communications
¤ permanently established businesses
¤ co-operation among businesses to strengthen and develop trade

This is what Progressum can do for you
Progressum offers the assistance you need to establish yourself in the area, whether you are here on project-basis or are looking for long-term solutions. We provide you with the appropriate contacts, networks and suitable partners that will open doors for your smooth transition into Kiruna.

The local branch of Företagarna, the Swedish Federation of Private Enterprises, advises and provides courses in the creation of new businesses, helps you in arranging financing and works in general with supporting small businesses.

Departments within the municipality of Kiruna work effectively in answering your questions concerning permits, property (e.g. office space, workshops) and building sites.


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