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29 January 2009
Photos from the press conference when Spaceport Sweden signed an MOU with Spaceport America to align as ‘Sister Spaceports’. Working in collaboration, the two spaceports will increase global cooperation in the commercial space industry, promote cultural understanding and stimulate local economic development, tourism and education.

Bengt Jaegtnes, Spaceport Sweden and
Steve Landeene, Spaceport America
Aaron Prescott (SpAm), Peter Salomonsson (SpSw), Bengt Jaegtnes (SpSw), Steve Landeene (SpAm), Johanna Bergstrom-Roos and Dan Bjork (SpSw), Patricia Hynes (SpAm)

The teams from Spaceport Sweden and Spaceport America together
with students from the Upper Secondary Space School in Kiruna.

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