Josefin Enström joins Spaceport Sweden as trainee and project coordinator

We are very happy and proud to present Josefin Enström as our new crew member.

Josefin, who has a bachelor’s degree in professional experience production, from Luleå University of Technology in Piteå, has been awarded a 10-month trainee position as a part of the government led Sustainable Tourism Destination Development project further backed by Sparbanken Nord and Spaceport Sweden.

Josefin grew up in the small town of Trosa, one hour south of Stockholm, and moved to Piteå in 2010 to join the professional experience program which offers a wide range of courses such as project management, creativity management, storytelling and marketing. As one of the top graduates, Josefin was chosen to be part of a trainee program originally initiated by Sparbanken Nord.

Sparbanken Nord, a regional bank, strives to be a reliable financial partner to businesses and households and is further very engaged in the region’s future and development. One example of their commitment is their investment in this trainee program to further support the growth of the tourism industry in Swedish Lapland.

  – The tourism industry in Swedish Lapland holds great potential and is key industry contributing to increased regional attractiveness and growth. Our aim is further to connect the university with the tourism entrepreneurs, creatinging work opportunities to attract students to remain in the region after their graduation, says Kjell-Åke Nilsson, Sparbanken Nord

Josefin, who is a creative adventurer at heart, loves singing, travel and meeting new people and is looking forward to a great snowboarding season. She is also excited to be joining Spaceport Sweden where she will be working as project coordinator and key crew member in establishing a new industry and developing enriching new space experiences. 

  – With my educational background in professional experience production focusing on tourism, I’m very happy to be part of a company like Spaceport Sweden with it’s pioneering environment in the experience industry. I am eager to get to know the company, the industry and the town of Kiruna. My expectation for this trainee position is that I will be able to get a greater understanding of the industry and reconciling the theory in practice. I want to use my education and experience to create meaningful and memorable experiences for people to enrich their lives. I’m ready to launch, says Josefin Enström

  – To fully leverage the potential of space tourism as a new global industry means necessary development of new experiences also on earth, creating business opportunities already now and further scope for cross-industry collaboration. Working with acadmia and talent is key for us; to capture the students skills and creativity whilst demonstrating the exciting opportunities offered in this region, hence we are both proud and excited to have Josefin onboard as a rising star on our team, says Karin Nilsdotter, CEO Spaceport Sweden