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Spaceport Sweden is a pioneering initiative to establish commercial human spaceflight in Kiruna and become Europe’s gateway to space. We welcome you to join our journey towards the future and offer you space experiences already now – your next adventure starts here;

Over a hundred kilometers above the Arctic Circle, in the land of the midnight sun and the northern lights, a project is underway that has the potential to change the way people relate to their planet and the universe beyond.

Here, in the last wilderness of Europe, Spaceport Sweden is working to establish a state of the art facility worthy of being Europe’s gateway into space.  Active in the development of commercial manned space flight since 2005, Spaceport Sweden is today one of the more established players in the dynamic international space industry. Gambling in Europe is diverse, with various countries offering different regulations and experiences. Recently, the emergence of nytt casino utan svensk licens has stirred interest among players seeking alternative gaming options. Players find varied options of entertainment through these new casinos.

Kiruna in Swedish Lapland will be home to a world-class spaceport, which will feature a wide-array of educational experiences, training and development programs, and will literally be the launching off point for a range of products and services connected to space tourism. Many of these are currently in development alongside the most cutting-edge technological innovations.

Kiruna is already one of the world’s premier space cities. Since 1957, the Swedish Institute of Space Physics has conducted extensive research here, and Esrange Space Center, a rocket range and research facility built by the European Space Agency and managed by the SSC Group, has been active in the area since 1966. Spaceport Sweden is proud to be a part of Kiruna’s space heritage and is enormously excited to be contributing to its next phase.

Kiruna is Sweden’s principal mining town and the combination of high-tech industry, sophisticated research facilities, and natural, unspoiled beauty is turning this city on the edge of the continent into one of the most dynamic locations in Europe.

Come join us and see just how close the future is.


Talks and Technical Visits

Spaceport Sweden is proud to be one of the pioneers working to make commercial space travel a reality. With our Talks and Technical Visits you will be able to discover first hand the work of establishing a space tourism as a new industry and developing new innovative products and adventures working across industries.

Traveling to space stands as one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments. Leaving the atmosphere of the earth and flying into space is a feat built on decades of hard work, involving enormous amounts of ingenuity, knowledge, and bravery. Spaceport Sweden is honored to be a part of this tradition and proud to be one of the pioneers working to make commercial space travel a reality.

With our Talks and Technical Visits you will be able to see and listen for yourself the incredible strides that we’ve made and discover first hand the latest developments in space exploration. We are extremely excited to tell you the story of Spaceport Sweden and have you witness the incredible determination we bring to realizing our vision of becoming one of the world’s leading spaceports and Europe’s gateway to space.


With our Talks, the future comes to you. Many of the primary figures within Spaceport Sweden are sought after lecturers, with years of experience participating in conferences, future forums, industry days, and holding inspirational sessions. Hear about the work of establishing Spaceport Sweden and the continual developments that make the future seem closer than ever. Learn from the experience of figures who have been involved in global collaborations and who are in continuous dialogue with people in the forefront of their industries, government agencies, researchers, and trade councils.

Technical Visits

Technical Visits will take place on location at the future facilities of Spaceport Sweden and our partners. With these in-depth visits, you can learn from the experts about space travel, as well as the past, present and future role of Kiruna in this process. Meet some of the greatest minds in science, engineering, and tourism and see the technologies that will be sending civilians into space.

At Spaceport Sweden we could not be more passionately committed to our goals and relish the opportunity to share our incredible journey with you. Please contact us to find out more about how you as a private person, student, researcher, company or organization can be a part of this exciting enterprise, which is changing the way people around the globe think about their planet and the universe around them.

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Meetings and Incentives

Spaceport Sweden, with its exotic location in Kiruna and the Arctic climate of Swedish Lapland, provides the ideal setting for a wide range of exceptional meetings, incentives and conferences – creating an unforgettable experience.

The immense expanse of the universe and our place within it is endlessly fascinating. The mere possibility of one day ascending through Earth’s atmosphere into space is enough to grab the attention of the most seasoned adventurer.

Whether you come to Kiruna in the summer under the midnight sun, or in the middle of the Arctic winter with the northern lights pulsating overhead, with the romance of space and the stunning nature of Kiruna as your backdrop, all the ingredients are present to create an unforgettable experience. Our facilities have been outfitted to surpass the demands of our business customers and there is no better environment in which to focus the mind, gain perspective, and think creatively.

Conferences on the ski slopes, team building exercises in micro-gravity, and aurora reconnaissance excursions are organized with the same creativity and precision with which an aircraft hangar is transformed into the ultimate post-conference party locale.

After a management meeting, travel with your colleagues, a Sami guide, and a pack of Siberian huskies through snow-covered forests, stopping at your destination to build a quinzhee, a snow cave in which you’ll spend the night, while drinking hot lemonade beside a roaring fire. Put aside some time during a conference to play on one of the world’s northernmost golf courses, which has been specially designed to accommodate snow golf in the winter.

Spaceport Sweden acts as a node, catalyst and development corporation for new innovative ideas and approaches. Having recently hosted the Swedish Space Forum and TEDxKiruna, we are excited to meet and organize events with other innovators throughout the worlds of business, academy, and government and beyond.

Come to simultaneously experience relaxation and stimulation, advanced technology and traditional culture, comfort and adventure. Leave refreshed and inspired, ready to take your work to ever-greater heights.

Contact us and together we will put together a package that exceeds your needs and desires.

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Spaceflight preparation program

This is where your space adventure begins. Spaceport Sweden has partnered with QinetiQ to develop and deliver a world-class spaceflight preparation program together, where future space travelers will emerge prepared, confident and relaxed, ready to maximise their journey to space.

The Flight Physiological Centre in Linköping, Sweden, is one of the world’s advanced Dynamic Flight Simulators (DFS), combining a man-rated, long-arm centrifuge and flight simulator.  The DFS provides a safe and highly controllable environment in which passengers can experience the sustained periods of increased acceleration present during launch and re-entry and allows for the precise re-creation of the complex and unique ‘G’ profiles generated by future commercial space vehicles.

Spaceport Sweden together with QinetiQ offers courses at the Flight Physiological Centre that will prepare passengers and crew of future space vehicles for the unique acceleration environment they will experience.  When it comes to preparing for a new experience, we believe that knowledge is as important as familiarity, and our courses are geared to empower people with both.

Extensive experience combined with state-of-the-art facilities, QinetiQ’s highly experienced team of doctors and scientists will guide clients through the world of G forces, utilizing a mixture of lectures, practical demonstrations and one-on-one tuition on the DFS itself.

Clients will learn about the effects of +Gz and +Gx, gain practical experience of the symptoms they are likely to experience and the actions they can take, if required, to effectively counter these symptoms. Culminating in an experience of the complete launch-to-landing, vehicle-specific G profile precisely recreated on the DFS, QinetiQ’s courses will provide clients with a unique insight into the space flight environment.

By understanding the effects of +Gz and +Gx, and having practical experience of their personal symptoms, any anxieties will be transformed into anticipation and clients will emerge, confident, relaxed and ready to absorb every detail of what will prove to be an extraordinary space experience.

Irrespective of whether or not you decide to venture into space, Spaceflight Training will provide you with unforgettable experiences.

Are you ready to take the first step of an extraordinary adventure?

Optional programs available very soon.

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Space camp

Everyone has dreamt of making the journey into space. While in the past it was inevitable that very few people would actually turn this dream into a reality, contemporary advances in space tourism are dramatically increasing everyone’s chances of one day looking down on Earth from space.

The future is here now and Spaceport Sweden is delighted to be able to introduce the newest generations of earthlings to the wonders of space with our Space Camp. Children attend an educational and inspirational camp where they meet astronauts, test the laws of gravity, understand our solar system, and learn to work as a team as they simulate an entire space mission.

Space Camp is about more than just a one-off experience. The excitement of space coupled with the possibility of space travel will inspire more children to learn and study the natural sciences, thereby contributing to a more sustainable future and increasing the likelihood of further innovation.

Space Camp is the ultimate adventure for your ultimate adventurer.

Events and Locations

Envisioning the ultimate event for the launch of your latest project? Seeking a unique environment for your PR event? Let you and your team be inspired by space and the overwhelming beauty of Swedish Lapland with the help of Spaceport Sweden, its network and partners.

Our base in Kiruna, above the Arctic Circle, provides the perfect launching pad for a wide array of events and experiences for many different types of audiences: everything from big Hollywood productions to articles in national media. We build on our sound knowledge of the environment, nature, and technical competence in refrigeration, space, and natural materials, in addition to the latest innovations in flight and space technology, to give you the opportunity to do what no one has done before you.

Spaceport Sweden offers the possibility of combining a visit to our facilities with a stay in the world renowned ICEHOTEL, a trip through the unspoiled, picturesque Abisko National Park, and skiing at Lapland Resorts. There is also, of course, the option of partaking in Spaceport Sweden’s products and offers, including Parabolic Flights, Northern Lights Flights, and Spaceflight training.

Spaceport Sweden works constantly to generate innovative collaborations and partnerships with the best of the space, aviation and tourism industries. Together we provide the ultimate range of possibilities in the spectacular environment around Europe’s budding commercial spaceport.

Whether you are an individual, a small team, or a large group, contact us and together we can create an event specifically tailored to your needs and interests.

You won’t believe what’s possible.

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Northern lights flight

The northern lights, or aurora borealis, are one of the most spectacular phenomena of the natural world. The Northern Light Flights offers our customers an exclusive experience to get closer to and view this space phenomenon from a front row seat.

The Kiruna region is situated within the aurora zone and has among the best prerequisites in the world to see the northern lights. Solar particles collide with atmospheric gases in the thermosphere; creating a brilliant light show that is best seen from late autumn to early spring on cold, clear nights above the Arctic Circle.

Spaceport Sweden together with ICEHOTEL and Lapland Resorts is offering a space adventure that will allow you to get an even closer look at the mythical northern lights. While the microclimate of Swedish Lapland has been scientifically proven to be an ideal viewing spot, our Northern Lights Flights from Kiruna Airport take you high above the clouds and up over the Arctic for optimal viewing, so there is no chance an overcast night can get in the way of your experience.

Check-in while multicolored curtains of light illuminates the northern sky.  After an introduction to the Aurora Borealis, you will take off at Kiruna Airport-Spaceport Sweden in a Jetstream32 with dedicated window seating.

Northern Lights Flights are prepared together with the Swedish Institute of Space Physics, a world leader in research on the aurora borealis with considerable expertise in teaching the science behind this natural wonder, which has fascinated and mystified humanity for over two thousand years.

Part of the magic of the northern lights is their unpredictability, which does mean that while we continually consult the best available prognoses, we cannot guarantee visibility. Flights will only be conducted if the northern lights prognosis from the Institute of Space Physics is positive. We guarantee the best prerequisites, but must point out that there is always a chance the northern lights will not be visible. This is also part of the thrill of the experience!

As every aurora is unique, this is literally an incomparable opportunity.
Sign-up and book your next adventure and ultimate aurora experience.

Departures 2014/2015:
New dates are soon available for bookings.

Price per person: 6 990 SEK 

Charter and incentives
Let us offer you a chartered flight for your company and/or PR event.
Available September-March.

Touroperators or agents, welcome to contact us regarding reselling, package and/or charter.

General information bookings
Conditions Northern Lights Flight

For more information and further requirements please contact 
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Northern Lights Flight

Parabolic flight

Have you ever dreamt of flying, defying the laws of gravity and float free in the air like an astronaut? This is your opportunity to experience the ultimate space adventure and magical feeling to float in total weightlessness.

Feel the exhilarating sensation of weightlessness as you effortlessly float through the cabin, high above the surface of the earth. The slightest push sends you gliding through the air and as you approach the wall you execute a perfect flip turn. Before tucking in your legs to begin a somersault, you wave to the camera, sporting the widest grin imaginable.

It might be years before you book your ticket to the International Space Station, but in the very near future you’ll be able to experience one of the most thrilling aspects of the journey: micro-gravity.

Spaceport Sweden has partnered with Avico and Novespace in France, offering air Zero G flights in sophisticated aircraft licensed specifically for this purpose, arranged from the facilities of Novespace, a subsidiary of CNES, the French Space Agency) and owner of the A300 ZERO-G, at Bordeaux-Mérignac airport, France.

Expert pilots will carry out a series of parabolic flight maneuvers that simulate the feeling of orbiting the earth in a near zero gravity environment. This one-day discovery of weightlessness will include flights of about two and a half hours, comprising 15 parabolic arcs, or a total cumulative time of 5 minutes in weightlessness. They will accommodate 40 passengers divided into four groups in the free-floating zone, each of which can take ten passengers, a safety crew and an instructor. All the air Zero G flights will take place in the presence of Jean-François Clervoy who will share his experience as an astronaut with the passengers throughout the course of the day and will participate with each group in turn during the flight.

Since space exploration began, only a few hundred have had the privilege to experience the ultimate space experience and the magical feeling to float in total weightlessness.

Sign up already now for your next adventure and secure your weightless flight.


Flight dates  2014/2015:
Last flight was March 26th, 2014.
Please stay connected for new dates.

Price:  € 6340 – include a full day, meals, clothing and of course the amazing flight.

To get on the waiting list for your very own air Zero G ticket – e mail
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Air Zero G - ring i luften

Spaceflight ticket

In 1946, a camera riding on a V-2 missile took the first images of earth from space. These grainy black and white photos appear underwhelming today, but at the time they sparked the imaginations of millions of people around the globe who had never imagined they might one day see Earth from space.

Soon you will have the monumental opportunity to book a Spaceflight Ticket and see Earth from space with your own eyes – and Spaceport Sweden can help you make that happen.

Watch the Earth recede beneath you as you ascend beyond the upper reaches of the atmosphere. As you coast sixty miles over the surface of the planet you experience weightlessness and begin to float through the cabin. Peering out the window you see hundreds of miles in every direction, the luminous curve of the Earth’s surface, and the deep black space beyond.

When you book your ticket your journey begins, as you gain access to a wide-array of training and educational opportunities. Those who book will likely be among the first thousand people to have this absolutely extraordinary experience of being the first intrepid explorers to travel into space.

Your next adventure – your ultimate adventure – is almost here.

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