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First Swedish female future astronaut and Spaceport Sweden today launch their cooperation

On the 50th anniversary of Gagarin’s achievement as the first human in space Swedish adventurer Ms Renata Chlumska announces her next high flying adventure. Ms Chlumska, the first Swedish woman to climb Mount Everest, is now going to be the first Swedish woman to fly into space and doing so she is also teaming up with Spaceport Sweden in a joint quest – working together for better understanding and development of space knowledge on earth.

Renata will be one of the first to fly with Virgin Galactic and Spaceport Sweden will follow her on the journey towards that goal – and on the way create enthusiasm and curiosity around space and young entrepreneurship.

Press release in Swedish.
Interview in Swedish Television in Swedish.

For more information please contact Director Karin Nilsdotter [email protected]

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