460 msl (RWY); 300 msl (launchpads)

deg Latitude

67,82° (RWY); 67,89° (launchpads)

possible Easterly azimuths

Sub-orbital only

possible southerly azimuths

Sub-orbital only

proximity to sea

240 km W


<10% main RW crosswind >10 kt

<1.2% main RW crosswind >20 kt


Per month in mm:

26 – 22 – 24 – 26 – 33 – 51 – 86 – 68 – 45 – 41 – 37 – 30


Local Infrastructure 



2500 x 45 m, heading 03/21



Closest port in Narvik, Norway, 170 km distance. Year-round ice-free port.


Located in town of Kiruna, 10 km from RWY and 40 km from launchpads.



Hotels & Restaurants

A great number of hotels and restaurants are available in Kiruna.



Proximity to University

Umeå  University and Luleå University of Technology have a Department of Space Science located in the town of Kiruna. The main universities are 370 km (Luleå) and 610 km (Umeå) away. In Norway there are universities in Narvik (170 km) and Tromsö (450 km).

Proximity to NASA facilities


Note! Both the Swedish CAA and Swedish Space are or have been involved in NASA operations outside Spaceport Sweden.

Site Facilities 

Pads for sounding rockets

3 fixed and 1 mobile launchers

MAXUS: Fixed diameter launch stool, 1 m (Castor 4B)

MRL: Rail launcher, hanging, max diameter 25 inch

Skylark: Fixed diameter launcher, 22 inch (VSB 30)

MAN: Rail launcher, hanging, max diameter 25 inch

Landing pad for RLV

See below

Horizontal takeoff/landing

On airport runway for air-launched vehicles or RLV

Fuel Handling-Solid


Ordnance/Pyro facilities

Storage facilities for Pyro articles are available

Vehicle Integration/Checkout

For air-launched vehicles, the Arena Arctica hangar is to be used for preparations. It is a

Spacecraft storage facilities

Storage for sounding rockets.

Met Office/Radiosonde

Experienced meteorologist and Vaisala radio-sondes are used at the facility.

Range Radars, cameras

C-band tracking radar is available.

Tracking cameras can be arranged.

Telemetry data retrieval

P-, L-, S- and X-band TM, as well as P- and S-band TeleCommand are available.

On-site research labs

4 laboratories for biological and chemical research are available

Broadband access

Up to 12 Mbps

Emergency Response teams


Downrange payload retrieval.

Yes. By helicopter.


Space Tourism Specific 

Family facilities -residential

Several hotels are located in the town of Kiruna and the neighbouring area.

Family facilities-entertainment

Located in one of northern Europe‘s most famous wilderness activity areas, especially during winter. Activities include hunting, fishing, dog-sledding, skiing, rock- and ice-climbing, snowmobile and rein-deer trekking and whale safaris.


Years of Operations

40 years (nov 1966)

On-time launch record

500 sounding rockets

Int’l facilities-customs

Custom issues are regularely handled as the facilities are used by international entities such as NASA and ESA.