Commercial human spaceflight is a new emerging industry and globally, space tourism is only the tip of an iceberg in this second space age.

Governments and companies worldwide are currently mobilizing to capitalize on the opportunities that the second space age will bring in terms of economic growth, job creation and inspire young people to pursue careers in the field contributing to regional attraction enabling both regions and companies to grow and build for the future.

To capitalize on the interest and potential of commercial human spaceflight, as an industry there is a great need for new ideas and development of innovative experiences, services, and processes to create long-term and sustainable economic growth.

“Creative Space”, an international pilot project with the vision to establish Spaceport Sweden as a creative hotspot above the Arctic Circle. Minds and industries will meet to share ideas and create innovative products and services providing world-class excitement, entertainment and education building on space as the platform. 

Building on space as the core, technically and/or philosophically, Spaceport Sweden seeks to be a catalyst for innovation primarily within tourism and the creative industries as adventures, fashion, events, music, food, communication, creative processes and more.

The goal of the initiative is to create a node in Swedish Lapland for the development of new services and experiences by combining entertainment, excitement and education and to create a link that will strengthen regional and national growth and encourages entrepreneurship among academics and students links business and academia – with international reach.

The initiative is supported and received funding from Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, Kiruna City Council, The County Administrative Board of Norrbotten and Norrbotten County Council


Creative Spacepartners