Destination: Space – national strategy for space tourism

Today we launched ”Destination: Space” a national strategy for space tourism produced by 70+ partners from aerospace, tourism, academia and agencies. Sweden is well postioned to become a world leading space destination with world unique experiences, related services, training, research and technology transfer that can accelerate industries and activities on Earth. Technology revolutionizes casino games, enhancing accessibility and gameplay. From immersive graphics to live dealer experiences, advancements provide realistic gaming environments. Some opt for casino utan svensk licens snabba uttag, facilitated by innovative payment methods.


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Spaceport Sweden receives Kiruna Lapland Award 2015

The Kiruna Lapland Award 2015 was awarded to Spaceport Sweden for the efforts to establish commercial human spaceflight in Kiruna in Swedish Lapland, with the view to not only launch spaceplanes but also new experiences, products and careers.

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Statement from Spaceport Sweden

Today, Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites encountered a tragic in-flight anomaly resulting in the death of the pilot and injuring a second. Spaceport Sweden would like to express our deepest sympathies to the families of those affected and offer our wishes for a swift and complete recovery for the injured pilot.

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Welcome to Startup Grind on 21 August

Welcome to join us on August 21st as we are part of a great event arranged by Startup Grind at SUP46 in central Stockholm, Sweden. It will be a great evening with networking, food, drinks, the grind interview and also a few surprises you don’t want to miss 🙂

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10 year Anniversary

History was written June 21, 2004 in the Mojave Desert when the world’s first privately built spaceship was flown to space by a private astronaut-pilot for the first time.

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New innovation – Dragon V2 by SpaceX

Elon Musk, the entrepreneur behind the company SpaceX working with private spaceflight unveiled the company’s latest innovation – Dragon V2, a space capsule for manned space travel with room for seven astronauts. A big step in the development forward.

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Meeting with the Swedish Minister for Trade

The Swedish Minister for Trade Ewa Björling is aiming high and today Karin Nilsdotter CEO of Spaceport Sweden and Ewa discussed the opportunities with commercial human spaceflight and joint initiatives for nation branding of Sweden internationally.

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Spaceport Sweden News

This year has been off to a flying start as we have had customers seeing the aurora borealis from the sky, others performing superman moves in weightlessness and we’ve been inspired by great speakers at our TEDxKiruna conference. We have also presented a concept for a space experience center to further strengthening Kiruna in Swedish Lapland as a complete space destination and we’ve met with key US and Swedish policy makers seeking to enable the growth of a new global industry all of which you can read more about in our spring newsletter. 

Karin Nilsdotter, CEO Spaceport Sweden

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Spaceport Sweden’s passengers today weightless on the Air Zero G flight

Today the AirZeroG flight, onboard the Novespace A300 aircraft in Bordeaux, saw some great superman moves and gave the guests of Spaceport Sweden and SXC an experience of a lifetime as they floated in weightlessness.

Well done all space travellers and thanks to all our partners involved; 
AVICO, Novespace and CNES.

See pictures below;

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TEDxKiruna 2014 – an inspiring day in the mine

Listen to all our inspiring speakers at Youtube;

Annika Steiber – Continous innovation – Google´s best kept secret

Peter Majanen – Is the North Bothnian an outsider?

Åsa Petersen – Pride beyond the norm

Anders Lundgren – City transformation: Places, roles and time

Helena Karlberg – The power of designing a region

Paolo Nespoli – Space: a gateway to personal transformation

Jens Thoms Ivarsson – Transforming ideas into experiences

Kelly Odell – Change is a part of our time

Per Wimmer – Write the manual, rather than follow one

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Karin Nilsdotter – speaker at Women in tech 2014

Karin Nilsdotter CEO of Spaceport Sweden was on the stage of Women in Tech 2014, organized by MTGx, Spotify and Google. Karin was talking about how this new industry will launch not only spaceflights but also launch new products, services and new careers.

Key takeaways from Women in tech 2014 – be fearless, passionate and outpace the skeptics.

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Mission to Mars

“Mission to Mars” – interesting and inspiring morning as students presented their project on a manned mission to Mars (as part of the human spaceflight course led by Swedish astronaut Dr Fuglesang)

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Spaceport Sweden winner of Grand Travel Award

Spaceport Sweden won the Innovator of the Year Award at the Grand Travel Awards, the Oscars of the travel industry, which took place at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden on Thursday evening February 13th.

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Space Visitor & Science Center

Spaceport Sweden, is proud to announce, together with Kiruna Lapland, the completion of a feasibility and concept study by IDEAS, a world leading media and experience-design studio, for the development of a Space Visitor & Science Center to further strengthen the development of Kiruna, a leading space destination. See video:

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Establishing space tourism in Sweden

Great 10 page article in the latest issue of the Swedish magazine Besöksliv, about Spaceport Sweden’s and our partners ongoing work to establish space tourism. Sweden has all the right ingredients but now depend on the Government to shape a business friendly regulatory framework, capitalizing on this unique opportunity.

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Spaceport Sweden and Karin in the daily newspaper Kuriren

In today’s newspaper Kuriren, Spaceport Sweden’s CEO Karin Nilsdotter is talking about commercial human spaceflight and the unique attributes of Kiruna in Swedish Lapland to develop this industry – an opportunity we must capitalize upon.

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Kiruna Space Day

This week we prepare for Kiruna space day, on Saturday 25th of January.

Since 1957, extensive space research have been conducted in Kiruna and a rocket range and research facility have been active here since 1966. Today Kiruna has a space council, a space gymnasium, space research programs on university level and a lot of space related operators working in the area.

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Virgin Galactic’s third powered flight

Spaceport Sweden congratulate Virgin Galactic on their third powered flight and to Dave Mackay who piloted this supersonic flight. Great start to the year. Onwards and upwards.

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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

We would like to wish all of you a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year!
At Spaceport Sweden we look back at a fantastic year and prepare for another one to come.

Ad astra

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Congratulations China

Spaceport Sweden congratulate China for their historic achievement. As the third country ever they have landed on the moon. It was 37 years ago since the last landing on the moon. 
The development progresses.

Ad astra and beyond.

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Karin Nilsdotter spreads Spaceport Sweden’s mission

Lately our CEO Karin Nilsdotter have been interviewed and seen in a lot of different publications such as N by Norwegian, Populär Astronomi/Popular Astronomy, Veckans Affärer/Swedish Business Daily and DI Weekend. If you haven’t the possibility to find the articles some short summaries are presented below.

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Spaceport Sweden in the magazine Popular Astronomy

In the December issue of Popular Astronomy you can find our own Operations Manager Carina Johnsson and our CEO Karin Nilsdotter under the name “the Swedish queen of New Space”. In the article you can read about our regulatory obstacles but also about all our opportunities. You can read about our journey towards making space accessible for space tourists.

So for at least all citizens of Sweden you can buy your copy of Popular Astronomy in store now.

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A full house at the Northern Light Academy

Spaceport Sweden couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this year’s Northern Light Academy.

Committed guides and northern light entrepreneurs gathered at the Icehotel in order to learn more about the aurora borealis and share their experiences. The day offered lectures such as the northern light as a space phenomenon, northern light research in the region, the northern lights from a historical perspective and also how to photograph the northern lights.

It was a day full of knowledge sharing, discussions and brainstorming. The participants mingled and got the chance to exchange ideas and thoughts with each other to further deliver the northern light in new improved ways to make the guests satisfied.

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Space Visitor & Science Center in Kiruna – Delivery day

Spaceport Sweden and Bob Allen, founder and chief storyteller for IDEAS Orlando, met today with partners and stakeholders in Kiruna City Hall to present the summaries of three months intense work with the feasibility and concept study for a Space Visitor & Science Center. The study includes market analysis, concept design, core story and facilities plans for the development of the center.

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Spaceport Sweden in Norwegian magazine N

We are proud to welcome Norwegian back to Kiruna and were excited to read their November issues of N which contains an interview with our CEO Karin Nilsdotter. In the article she is talking about Spaceport Sweden and our work developing a world leading space destination.

Pick up your copy or read the magazine online here.

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Northern Light Academy

Within science tourism, the space phenomenon of aurora borealis is a major reason for visitors travelling to Kiruna in Swedish Lapland. Northern light products are today widely produced and offered across the region. Visitors of today have however a broader access to information about the aurora borealis which opens more and new questions than before. This brings higher demands to the tourism business and staff within.

Spaceport Sweden aims therefore to support a higher quality and competence on the destination by offering entrepreneurs and their staff educational lectures and further training in the wide subject of Aurora Borealis. This is offered for experienced as well as new staff. The events also aim to provide further inspiration to development of experiences and products for future visitors and networks within the industry in Kiruna in Swedish Lapland.

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Spaceport Sweden & Mojave Air and Space Port

Spaceport Sweden work together with Mojave Air and Space Port with the aim to enable commercial human spaceflight as a new global industry. Karin our CEO have been over to Mojave to work with the team focusing on licensing, regulatory and export issues to support international expansion and growth.

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At the International Space Commerce Summit

Today our CEO Karin Nilsdotter is presenting Spaceport Sweden at the International Space Commerce Summit in London. She’ll present our work to date developing a world leading space destination for suborbital human spaceflight in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland. Further she will emphasize the importance for Europe to establish a business friendly framework for new suborbital manned space vehicles and become more proactive to enable the growth of an innovative new industry.

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Spoiled with the northern lights

At the moment we are very spoiled here in Kiruna. We have enjoyed some amazing northern lights dancing across the skies many days in a row and it fascinates us every time, every day.

The Kiruna region has been scientifically proven to be the best place in the world to head for if you are hoping to catch this magical space phenomena. This season also seems to be an amazing season for experiencing the aurora borealis. We are thrilled to let you experience it too that’s why we offer you a front row seat to the aurora on our northern lights flights. Dates for the flight is January 13th, February 3rd, March 3rd, 2014.

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Meet Josefin, our new crew member

We are very happy and proud to present Josefin Enström as our new crew member.

Josefin, who has a bachelor’s degree in professional experience production, from Luleå University of Technology in Piteå, has been awarded a 10-month trainee position as a part of the government led Sustainable Tourism Destination Development project further backed by Sparbanken Nord and Spaceport Sweden.

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Collaboration with the world leading innovation studio IDEAS

Spaceport Sweden together with Kiruna in Swedish Lapland are proud to announce the partnering with IDEAS, a world leading innovation studio, for the project of develop a Space Visitor & Science Center in Kiruna, contributing to a world-class all year round destination.

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RFP Announcement

Spaceport Sweden, on behalf of Kiruna Lappland Ekonomisk Förening, is seeking proposals to support in the planning and development of a space visitors and science center at Kiruna Airport, the proposed site for Spaceport Sweden, in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland.

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TEDxKiruna – lift off!

TEDxKiruna has lift off – first speakers has inspired and fascinated the audience, in Kiruna and via the direct LIVE site!

Continue to follow TEDxKiruna again at 1.15 pm CET –

Some of the speakers today:

Saher Sidholm, Kaj Mickos, Per-Erik Lindvall, Bea Szenfeld, Johan Ernst Nilson, Arne Bergh, Eva Gunnar and more to come!

Get inspired!

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TEDxKiruna goes live!

TEDxKiruna 2013 goes LIVE!

TEDxKiruna will fire off the engine tomorrow Wednesday June 5th.

Follow TEDxKiruna LIVE from 10 am CET and meet inspriring and fascinating speakers from a wide perspective still gathered around this years theme “Sustainability”.

Kiruna in Swedish Lapland is the location but if not in the neighbourhood during Wednesday – follow the event here

Ideas worth spreading!

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New opportunity to fly weightless!

Bookings now open for January 30th -2014 with airZeroG

Now we open up for the first flight in 2014, which will be 30th of January.

The availability is extremly limited –

Book your ticket today via Spaceport Sweden – and get ready for space!

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Congratulations to Virgin Galactic for first rocket-powered flight

Congratulations to the teams of Virgin Galactic, Scaled Composites, Sierra Nevada Corp, Mojave Air & Space Port for a successful first SpaceShip Two rocket-powered flight!

Begining the test at 7.02am local time, SS2 took off from Mojave Air and Space Port and upon reaching 47,000 feet altitude and approximately 45 minutes into the flight, SS2 was released from WK2. At this point, SS2 was propelled forward and upward to a maximum altitude of 55,000 feet. The entire engine burn lasted 16 seconds, as planned. During this time, SS2 went supersonic, achieving Mach 1.2.

This is key milestone for the commercial spaceflight industry and another important step closer to opening up space for humanity.

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Getting ready for space

The Spaceport Sweden and QinetiQ spaceflight preparation program at the Flight Physiological Centre (FPC) in Linköping is soon ready for launch. Earlier in the week we went through a dry-run together with QinetiQ trying out the unique G profiles generated by future commercial space vehicles in the Dynamic Flight Simulator (DFS).

Spaceport Sweden is establishing commercial human spaceflights and Europe’s gateway to space and together with QinetiQ we are devloping a world-class spaceflight preparation program where future space travelers will emerge prepared, confident and relaxed, ready to maximise their journey to space.

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Creating the next generation of world class space experiences

At Spaceport Sweden we are very excited to launch a collaboration with the staff and students studying at the Bachelor programme in Professional Experience Production, at Luleå University of Technology (LTU) in Swedish Lapland.

Together we will work with hands on projects developing innovative and transformative space adventures contributing to the establishment of space tourism as a new industry in Sweden and the positioning of Kiruna and Swedish Lapland as a world leading space destination.

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Spaceport Sweden a catalyst for innovation @ Swedish Space Summit 2013

The space industry is an industry of firsts as is Spacecport Sweden as Europe’s first pioneering initiative to establish commercial human spaceflight in Sweden and Europe’s first and foremost spaceport in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland.

Establishing a new industry is challenging but the opportunites are enormous as we seek to create a system of innovation. Being a catalyst for change and innovation, the aim is to see new products, services, experiences, education, research and companies being developed, in turn contributing to growth, job creation and strenghtened national competitiveness.

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Swedish Space Summit 2013

During the 18-19th of March 2013 the Swedish Space Summit takes place in Trollhättan, Sweden. Mr Peter Honeth, State Secretary to Jan Björklund, Minister of Education and Research has just inaugurated the summit. The focus of the conference is the importance of space as a platform for innvation, research, knowledge and technology transfer and cross-industry opportunties and innovation.

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Congratulations pioneering weightless flyers

Congratulations to the SXC astronauts that successfully completed their first air ZeroG flight on Friday 15th of March. This was the first ever commercial public flight in Europe arranged by Avico and Novespace and offered through Spaceport Swedens space adventures and astroanut training program in collaboration with SXC. We look forward to many more missions offering the unique sensation of weightlessness under the instructions of ESA astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy.

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First ever public weightless flight in Europe

Historic days – tomorrow, on Friday 15th of March 2013, the first ever commercial weightless flight in Europe will take place. Today we dress-rehearsed and celebrated this milestone together with our partenrs and organizers Avico, Novespace and former ESA astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy. On board we also had an experiment from the very talented students at the Space high school in Kiruna

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Spaceport Sweden signs strategic partnering agreement with QinetiQ

Spaceport Sweden AB has signed a strategic partnering agreement with QinetiQ Ltd, to identify, explore and exploit opportunities in the fields of commercial human spaceflight (CHSF), research and exploitation. Under the agreement, Spaceport Sweden and QinetiQ will initially use the Flight Physiological Centre (FPC) in Linköping, Sweden to develop a world-class preparation program for CHSF passengers.

“Spaceport Sweden is establishing commercial human spaceflights and Europe’s gateway to space and is proud to be partnering with QinetiQ to further our development and offering. Initially we will seek to develop and deliver a world-class spaceflight preparation program together, where future space travelers will emerge prepared, confident and relaxed, ready to maximise their journey to space”, says Karin Nilsdotter, CEO of Spaceport Sweden.

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Meet the winners of the “innovation factory”

On December 12th,  24 students from the regional campuses of the University of Technology in Swedish Lapland, representing different disciplines and nationalities, took part in the ”Innovation Factory” a competition in inventiveness arranged by Centek.

Competing in teams of four, the students worked for six intense hours on the challenge to develop an innovative concept to further visualise Spaceport Sweden and communicate to the world the ongoing development of commercial human spaceflight in Kiruna. How can we attract tourists, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors to choose Kiruna and also attracht them to try our new space adventures already on offer, further contributing to regional attractiveness and growth?

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Fly weightless with Spaceport Sweden in Europe

Have you ever dreamt of flying, defying the laws of gravity and float free in the air like an astronaut? Since space exploration began, only a few hundred have had the privilege to experience the ultimate space experience and the magical feeling to float in total weightlessness.

That is about to change. Today a historic announcement was made and for the fist time ever, weightless flights will be offered to the general public in Europe. Spaceport Sweden has been selected as a key partner and reseller for the air Zero G flights in the Netherlands and Nordic countries (excluding Iceland).

“Spaceport Sweden is developing Europe’s gateway to space and offers learning space adventures also on the ground and in the air. Providing weightless flights to the public has since long been one our objectives and we are thrilled to now be able offer this together with our European partners and strive to one day also make these flights available in Sweden, says Karin Nilsdotter, CEO of Spaceport Sweden.

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Spaceport Sweden meets the Swedish Parliament

On October 24, Spaceport Sweden together the Parliamentary Space Network were invited to the Swedish Parliament to discuss commercial human spaceflight. MPs from the whole of Sweden got an opportunity to listen to and discuss how space tourism is being developed and how Sweden can continue to be at the forefront of this industry by putting in place a supportive regulatory regime and capitalising on the opportunties for innovation and cross-industry cooperation. 

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Spaceport Sweden receives ”innovation of the year” award

Spaceport Sweden has been awarded the ”Innovation of the Year”, being promoted as a pioneer and role model for innovation combining science, nature and technology to develop new cutting edge experiences and developing space tourism in Sweden. The award was handed out at the Swedish Tourism Awards, in Stockholm on October 18th. 

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Fly me to the aurora – see the northern lights from first row

Last winter season saw the world premiere of Northern light flights as Spaceport Sweden’s first space adventure offering customer an exclusive view of the magical northern light.

For the winter season of 2013, Spaceport Sweden has collaborated with the ICEHOTEL, Lapland Resorts, Swedavia Kiruna Airport and the Institute of Space Physics for a continued offering to learn more about and experience the magical northern lights from the front row where also Direktflyg welcomed as new air service provider.

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Spaceport Sweden in the final at the Swedish Tourism Awards

On October 18 its time for the annual Swedish Tourism Awards (TRIP Awards). Established in 2005, the TRIP Award has grown to become Europe’s largest industry event where talented entrepreneurs and outstanding experiences are awarded.

Innovation is the theme of this year permeating the entire program and is also the focus of the new award category where Spaceport Sweden is one of three finalists for the “innovation award”.

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Innovation researchers choose Spaceport Sweden

Commercial human spaceflight is a new emerging industry and globally, space tourism is only the tip of an iceberg in this second space age. Spaceport Sweden is a pioneering initiative to establish space tourism and commercial human spaceflight as a new industry in Sweden and has now been selected by innovation researchers as a live case study.

In 2011, VINNOVA, Sweden’s innovation agency, established CiiR as a center of excellence focusing on interorganisational research. Located at Luleå University of Technology, a leading technical university for attractive and sustainable innovation, the center will follow the development of Spaceport Sweden as an innovation system in the building.

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Spaceport Sweden, one of Sweden’s hottest innovations

The Swedish Institute’s (SI) new exhibition “Innovative Sweden” was inaugurated in November 2011 at Stanford University in Palo Alto, the heart of Silicon Valley. Innovative Sweden exhibition is part of the SI focus on the theme of Innovative Sweden and aims to strengthen the knowledge of Sweden’s position as one of the world’s most innovative countries with technology products and services at the forefront.

“Sweden has a tradition of world-class innovation and through Spaceport Sweden we have a unique opportunity to strengthen the image of Sweden as an innovative and creative knowledge economy,” said Inger Envall, Project manager Innovative Sweden.

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RAeS Space Tourism Conference

On June 19th the Royal Aeronautical Society hosts the third European Space Tourism Conference on the theme “open for business”.

Bringing together stakeholders such as private space companies, venture capitalists, payload integrators, industrial partners, lawyers, tourism agencies and safety, regulatory and insurance experts underlining that space tourism is now big business.

Spaceport Sweden will give a talk about the ongoing establishment of space tourism in Sweden, the development of world-class space destination and the role of spaceports as drivers and enablers of a new industry.

For more information:

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A new era of space exploration has begun

Visionary leadership, hard work and determination today came together as we saw SpaceX successfully launch the Dragon spacecraft atop a Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida, changing the course of history.

This represents the first time a private company has attempted to send a spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS). A highly complex mission, it also showcases the success and importance of private-public cooperation to accelerate innovation and also put space back on the front page, re-igniting the attention and recognition the industry deserves.

Nasa’s administrator Charles Bolden said: “Today marks the beginning of a new era in exploration… The significance of this day cannot be overstated; a private company has launched a spacecraft to the International Space Station that will attempt to dock there for the first time. “And while there is a lot of work ahead to successfully complete this mission, we are certainly off to good start.”

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Spaceport Sweden on stage at Harvard

On Sunday 29 April Spaceport Sweden will give a talk at the conference Space: the business frontier at Harvard University in Boston.

The final frontier beckons the explorer in the heart of every human. As the age of government led manned space travel comes to an end, private organizations must rise to the challenge and become the standard bearer for that spirit of adventure and discovery. Several brave and enterprising firms have already accepted that challenge and together they form the vanguard of a new space industry. They will not be alone for long.

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Time for TEDxKiruna on March 27

On March 27th, TEDx comes to above the Arctic Circle, bringing an inspiring day full of energy and ideas worth spreading. TEDxKiruna is a cross-disciplinary event for people and minds to meet, listen to fascinating speakers inspiring new thoughts and stimulating discussions on the TEDxKiruna theme: future living.

Speakers at TEDxKiruna include motivational people from different disciplines who will share their extraordinary backgrounds and view on the future, as we know it!

You can follow TEDxKiruna live on the internet via

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Spaceport Sweden welcomes Carina Johnsson as Operations Manager

Spaceport Sweden welcomes Carina Johnsson as Operations Manager

Spaceport Sweden is now taking the next step towards its vision of becoming a world leading spaceport, where one of the targets is to enable space travel for private individuals, and welcome Ms Johnsson onboard as Operations Manager.

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Spaceport Sweden secures investment

It’s not a question IF Spaceport Sweden to become a world-leading spaceport with space travel for individuals, but WHEN.

So says Spaceport Sweden’s CEO Karin Nilsdotter after the contract with Inlandsinnovation that secures funding for new investments in the company, allowing the next targets of product development and commercialization to materialize.

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Spaceport Sweden as a catalyst for creative industries

Spaceport Sweden’s initiative ”Creative Space”, a do-tank for cross-industry innovation, was presented at Generator – an annual international conference for the growth of creative industries in Sweden.

Representatives from cultural, economic agencies and ministries participated as regions shared their strategies to promote cultural and creative industries on a national and international level. Spaceport Sweden represented the county of Swedish Lapland/Norrbotten and presented Spaceport Sweden as an arena for innovation and development which inspired ideas and discussions among the audience.

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Mojave Air & Space Port and Spaceport Sweden building bridge across borders

An agreement with the aim to mobilize, stimulate and facilitate the growth of the commercial suborbital human spaceflight industry across borders at Kiruna, Sweden and Mojave, California, US was signed on Friday 21 October 2011 in San Francisco by Mojave Air and Space Port CEO, Stuart Witt and Spaceport Sweden CEO, Karin Nilsdotter.

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