CNN reports with a video and article from Mojave Air & Space Port about Virgin Galactic’s progress with their newest spaceship; SpaceShipTwo, Series Two, who will take tourists to space for an transforming experience. 

“…the real, lasting value of this experience will be what passengers bring back with them. Will it change the way they live here on Earth? Virgin Galactic says its primary goal isn’t about pushing the boundaries of space exploration. It’s about offering people a chance to gain a new perspective on the world — literally and figuratively. Will seeing the beauty of the planet shift the way passengers interact with the environment? Will it trigger people to embrace more environmentally sustainable lifestyles and technologies?”

One of Spaceport Sweden’s goals is to offer the world a transforming experience and we are happy to follow Virgin Galactics positive progress.

See the CNN video and read the article here > “Inside Virgin Galctic’s newest passenger spaceship”

Ad astra!